Clockwork & Aliens

Realm of Nightmare

Amidst a war between the cultists of 2 of the great old ones, a mighty masked foe appears. while facing thewir worst fears, the party manages to dispell the curse on the monster and survive to fight another day. 

Land of Leaky Dreams

After Dormiras cast the party into the land of dreams, his most recent host, Leaky Jonni claimed a piece of the realm and wreaked havoc in a series of challenges for the party to prove their friendship. After the trials, lactose appeared to enlist the help of the heroes in reclaiming nightmare land from Bokrug.

once more through the veil

The party has once again returned to Airam, after seeing the entire city destroyed by the leviathans, only to discover that those events occured 10,000 years ago. There is a legendary gem hidden in this world somewhere, but hte party is having trouble fitting in with modern society. And to make things worse, their is a goblin and his ghost pirate minions sneaking around too! The party has reunited with a mysterious shapeshifter named Dormiras, who is currently hiding in leaky jonni. 

Getting Spooky

Everyone who reads this before Halloween gets 200gp. 

Mayor kibble

After fixing up the clock tower, the party chased an akata into the woods where they encountered a beautiful barbarian. They slayed the beast and had a run in with a god.  

The plot thickrns

Climbing the clock tower, they fought centipedes and found a creepy doll. At the top they encountered void zombies.

The adventure begins

A machinist and his apprentice were going about their everyday lives, when a mysterious monk appeared and joined them on their quest to fix the clock tower, which had been damaged by a meteor impact.

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