In a peaceful town, everything was normal until a meteor struck the clock tower from above! What the adventurer's discovered next would change their lives forever. Guided by the cryptic book of heroes and trying to redeem their fallen homeland, the epic adventure begins!

Following the book's guidance, the party ventured over crumbling towers of stone where they forced the drunken chest to give up it's treasure. 

Then they journeyed deep into the forest to discover the basilisk ruins, a beautiful ancient structure apparently made of solid gold. After exploring inside, the party awoke ch'turga, the ancient guardian and he helped them escape, only to come face to face with a basilisk!

The party continued to explore the land, collecting magic gems and performing heroic deeds, until eventually they traveled through the veil into the mysterious Airam. Humans, cars and buildings everywhere, and the air is mildly toxic.  From within a hidden room in the museum, the party entered the realm of dreams, where they fought untold horrors and underwent trials of fear and friendship. 

Clockwork & Aliens

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